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Sir Howard Davies

Chairman of NatWest Bank in England Former deputy governor of the Bank of England Met Mr Ng Kok Song at Stanford Business School in 1979

"In class, he was fiendishly clever. Hardworking, though he tried to conceal it by always appearing laid-back."

"I had been wondering whether running a bond fund would satisfy him forever. I knew how committed he has always been to the future of the city-state, and we have often talked about the crucial importance of strong and stable governance and effective management (not something we have enjoyed in the UK in the recent past!). So I could immediately see the logic."

"And he has clearly thought through the implications of what would be a big step for anyone. Kok Song never does anything without careful analysis of the rewards and the risks."

Julian Teicke

Founder of Wefox

"Singapore is an inspiring hub harmonizing and mediating between Western and Eastern cultures and is a guiding light globally. Its direction matters to us all.

Why should Kok Song be at its helm? Here are three compelling reasons:

1. Independence & Commitment
2. Competence & Experience
3. Integrity & Reflection

Let's support this journey towards a promising future for Singapore under Kok Song’s leadership."

Samir El-Alami

Founder of Doctorly

“I was super excited to hear that Kok Song NG has decided to take his (already extraordinary) career to new levels, he’s running for president of Singapore! 🇸🇬


As a startup founder, I am blessed to meet and work with amazing and inspiring people over the years.

However a dinner I had with Kok Song NG while I was in Singapore stands out in my mind. For someone who has achieved so much in his career, (look into it, he’s one of the most important contributors to the finance industry in Singapore history), I was blown away by his humility and commitment to providing ‘service’.


‘Singapore has been so good to me, I just want to continue to do my part in giving back’. He has integrity, competence, experience, and he’s incredibly reflective.


If more people like KS entered politics, I’d make a lot more videos like this! 😄”

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