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Privacy Policy

  1. This website was created primarily to give information to the public. With the use of this website, you, as the user, may allow “cookies” which may monitor and gather information provided by the user while accessing the website.

  2. The information that may be gathered with your use of this website will be safeguarded with the standard care required by privacy laws of the Republic of Singapore. Such data that will be gathered shall be used essentially for statistical analysis, which may include information on the number of users, the frequency of the use, and/ or the profile of the users. Such data may be used to enhance the information dissemination which was the primary purpose for the creation of this website.

  3. Whatever data which may be gathered through this website shall be protected and will not be shared or used but merely for the improvement and enhancement of convenience in navigating the website.

  4. This Privacy Policy only applies with the use of this specific website. It does not cover any third-party website which may be opened by the user by clicking on the links which may appear in the website. Should you, as the user of this website, gained access to any of the said third-party links, kindly refer to their specific Privacy Policy for your guide and data protection.

  5. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at

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