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Montfort Schools launch heritage gallery, 20 Jan 2013

A gallery tracing the history of the Montfort Schools from their founding in 1916 by the Gabrielite Brothers was officially opened on Jan 5.

Ng Kok Song, the retiring Group Chief Investment Officer of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), opened the gallery which is located at Montfort Secondary School in Hougang.

The former Montfort student, in his address, said he is grateful for the three gifts his alma mater had given him.

According to Ng Kok Song, a Montfort benefactor and a Catholic, these are “the gift of faith, a holistic education, and love”, the last referring to his late wife Madam Patricia Chee to whom the gallery is dedicated.

The Montfort Heritage Gallery traces the development of the Montfort Schools over various periods, capturing the pulse of these eras through photographs, artefacts, video footage and the voices of principals, teachers and students.

The gallery also features prominent alumni such as Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Coadjutor Archbishop-Elect William Goh, former Cabinet Ministers Lim Boon Heng and Mr Lee Boon Yang, Mr Ng, as well as generations of Montfortian families.

Yearbooks, school equipment, results slips, record books and other school paraphernalia are also part of the gallery.

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